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Terms Of Service.

- Please read all points made in this terms of service.

- References should be provided BEFORE I begin the work.

- Invoice MUST be paid within 24 hours of being sent. (50-50 plans can be discussed)

- I retain all rights and ownership of the artwork. 

- You may ONLY use the artwork for personal use only, unless we agree otherwise.

- You CANNOT use the artwork for commercial purposes, such as, reselling, merchandise, business logo, advertisments.

- ONLY POST THE WATERMARKED IMAGE, and include by ArtByAeva (with a tag if applicable)

- I retain the rights to add to my online stores, and alter as I see fit.

- Refunds are only available if I feel unable to complete the work.

- I work on a 5x7 canvas, I can go larger or smaller if needs be. Going larger will increase the price.

- You are entitled to TWO major revisions. Any additional after that will be charged £10 per change. Changes are PER MODEL CHANGED. This means hair is one model, character is another, clothing is another, etc.

- I will store your work for a maximum of 6 months, after that, I cannot promise I will have it.